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Mental Wellness Education to End Stigma

When I first began my journey towards mental wellness, I did so because I was diagnosed as “ill”. My life had become unmanageable, my self image was so distorted, and the story I’d been told and telling for decades was that I was making other people’s lives for difficult and I should stop existing for the sake of others. I was bound to this world because I knew that my suicide would hurt my family, and I was rejected from this world because they couldn’t handle me as I was. I wanted to die, and the only thing keeping me from dying was this little voice inside that said I had a reason to be here. Continue reading Mental Wellness Education to End Stigma

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Depression is not…

What depression IS:
-Debilitating doubt of self and one’s projected and perceived reality, as well as one’s ability to make decisions and trust one’s self with the responsibility of their own life. This doubt can manifest hopelessness, sadness and isolation. It is often mirrored by others once the diagnosis has been made because of the misunderstanding and stigma around depression. Continue reading Depression is not…

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The Voice of Insecurity

“Nobody will ever love you if you act like that.”
This was the phrase I always heard as a child. Whenever I tried to express my inner fears, anxiety, worries, concerns, hurts, pains, insecurities, abuses, or upset in any way, some variation of it would come out.

Continue reading The Voice of Insecurity

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Flowing into Self

I sometimes go through my Facebook memories in hopes of getting some glimpse of a joyous memory.

Recently, a rather painful Facebook memory has reminded me of something very important. I have been reminded of who I was 3 years ago, how I have struggled since then, and who I have become today. Continue reading Flowing into Self

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Journal: An Attempted Self Analysis

It feels so helpless to be wherever I am currently. I honestly could not say if it is because I am 20-something, or because I actually have some kind of difference in my mental functionality–whether it be the diagnosis I received for major depression and anxiety or some other undiagnosed secret of my genetics. Continue reading Journal: An Attempted Self Analysis