Goddess Full Moon Altar


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This altar is PERFECT for self love work, goddess worship, and moon rituals. This hand painted altar was painted with healing intentions. Use as the main piece of your altar,  or a nice addition to your current set up. Two drawers which can hold tools (stones, crystals, smudging herbs, lighters) as well as be used for spells (try writing your intentions on a paper during the New Moon and putting them in the drawer, using the altar for alignment and motivation and then opening the intention again on the full moon to give recognition to your accomplishments!) This altar could also be used for the storage of your fine crystals and crystal jewelry! The intention with which it was made would keep your stones charged and loved when you’re not wearing or using them. 


The symbols on the front represent the elements of earth, water, fire and air. The Moons on the top are the symbols for the Goddess. The painting on the back is a goddess representation inspired by body positive images of the feminine divine.


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