Treat Others as They Wish to be Treated

“Treat others how you’d like to be treated.” I’m calling bullshit–here’s why.

When men treat women a certain way, which is deemed by the woman to be disrespectful, men often justify their actions with “Well I would enjoy that kind of attention from a woman”. This is in regards to catcalling, unwanted physical contact in public spaces (like grabbing an ass or grazing a boob), sexual/rude remarks, etc. Men might want that attention, and so they assume women would like it too. Continue reading “Treat Others as They Wish to be Treated”

American Capitalism: A Privileged Review

I am a middle class, white woman. I have privilege. I have the privilege of never having been discriminated against for my skin color, for my socio-economic class, for my politics. Everything I do as a middle-class white member of society is defended and cosigned by my government and my fellow Americans because of the programming put into us all by society. Even as a woman (which if you didn’t know women are still oppressed by societal roles and expectations and those unwilling to address their personal misogyny) I have an advantage over other women because of the race and class of the body and family I was born into (without choice). Continue reading “American Capitalism: A Privileged Review”