Care Instructions

Caring for you handmade clothing: Hand wash all handmade items, or put them in the washing machine on gentle or delicates setting. Wash them alone so they do not twist around or get caught on other articles of clothing. Use your normal soap and fabric softener. Allow to air dry, or tumble dry on low heat.

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY 100% COTTON ITEMS. They will shrink

Crochet clothing will tighten when you wash it and loosen when you wear it. To loosen it, or reshape it before wearing, stretch the article while it is wet and then allow it to dry.

Frayed Ends can be cut off, unless they are looped! If you have a loose loop, do not cut it as it may unravel the entire article. Instead, tuck it into the stitches and glue with fabric glue if necessary. This should not happen unless the stitch gets caught on something.


Caring for your handmade Jewelry: While copper is great for its metaphysical properties, it takes some specific care as jewelry. Do not get your copper jewelry wet, as it will weaken the metal. Expect that it will change color with the chemistry of your body, meaning it may lose its vibrancy, but it will gain that traditional copper look. It may make your skin green if you sweat while wearing it, however it washes off and is not toxic.

Stones and metal wrappings can be polished with an electronics or eyeglasses cloth.

All STONED jewelry is made with nickel-free metals.

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