Fire and Ash Remains

I couldn’t stand up,
You weighed on me so heavy.
So I just stayed down
To wait until I was ready.

The strain of your love
Wasn’t something I could levy
So I blame your “love”
For the fact that I’m not steady.

You lit up my world,
But the whole thing caught flame.
For me it was real,
For you–just a game.

You left me on fire,
My anger to hold alone.
You thought I’d expire,
But now I call the fire “home”.

I adapted and survived,
Though for a time I turned to stone.
Now I’m made of fire and thrive
From the inferno of my mind’s catacomb.

No reality could have prepared me
For this life living inside these flames,
But from all of the lives I have lived before,
Only fire and ash remains.

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